Apache Notes - January 12
Apache Notes - January 12

Students, please be familiar with the Sanger High School dress code. Starting next week, administration will be conducting several dress code checks with consequences. Please be aware that baseball caps must have a Sanger High logo, facial piercing's are not allowed and hair color must be a natural hair color. To see the complete school board-approved dress code, please refer to your student/parent handbook. A copy of the handbook is available online on the Sanger High School website.

If you are interested in playing for the boys golf team, there will be a mandatory meeting today at the beginning of lunch in Coach Schmidt's room (504).

Students, if you have a book from a semester-long class you took in the Fall, please return these books to the library ASAP!  You will be billed for them on Friday if you still have a book out. Thank you and have a great Spring semester!

Sanger Blossom Queen applications are available in the Student Center for pick up. Deadline is January 13, 2018. Its the first ever for City of Sanger. If you are interested please pick up an application today.

Spanish Honor Society Membership is currently open for those students who are eligible after completing the first semester or who missed the September deadline. Come by Room 1202 and pick up an application from Sra. Robles. The deadline to apply and pay is Wednesday January 17, 2018. Gracias

Attention Apaches: It's time to sign up for CSF again! If you have good grades and would like to be part of our group, you can pick up an application in room 305 before or after school. Applications must be approved by Ms. Roland. Bring your completed application and report card or transcripts to room 305 before or after school for approval. Once approved, you may pay the membership fee. For more details, go to our website: http://shscsf.weebly.com. Deadline to apply is January 25th by 3:30pm.

Wolf Lakes Parks is hiring. Please visit their website at www.wolflakespark.com for full job description and application. Deadline to apply is January 26th.

Attention clubs, there will be club photos on January 23rd in the MPR. Contact your advisor for more information.