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Coming January 2018

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GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program
High school seniors who demonstrate exceptional leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship are invited to apply for the 2018 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program. This program annually provides college-bound students with $10,000 renewable scholarships – up to $40,000 total per recipient – and supports them as they lead and serve in college and beyond.  Click here to learn more.

Beware of Scams
  1. Fees should not be paid for scholarships (Applying for financial aid is free)
  2. Never give credit card or bank account information
  3. No one can guarantee that you'll win a scholarship
  4. Legitimate scholarships require time & energy
  5. Legitimate sponsors should provide contact information upon request
  6. Be aware if you are called to receive an award for which you never applied
  7. Don't be pressured into applying for a scholarship, especially if the sponsor is asking you to pay
  8. Beware of claims of “exclusive” scholarships
  9. An official-sounding name or endorsement doesn't automatically mean it's legitimate
  10. If your questions aren't answered directly, proceed with caution
  11. Contact your counselor if you are contacted by a scholarship scam